The Pepper robot

The Pepper robot is a semi-humanoid robot build by Aldebaran Robotics, which is since 2022 part of United Robotics.

The Pepper robot

The Pepper robot is a 1.2m high robot, which was designed for such height after one found out that people extected that robots were taller than the 58cm the Nao robot could provide. The Pepper robot was introduced in 2014. The predecessor of Pepper was projet Romeo (2009-2012), which developed a full-size walking humanoid robot with moving eyes. When project Romeo was finished, the Pepper robot was developed under the code-name project Juliet.

the Romeo 2 robot

The University of Amsterdam has a Pepper robot since May 2017. The  UvA@Home team has been one of the seven teams which participated at the first SSPL competition in Nagoya 2017.

There exists three different versions of the Pepper robot. The University of Amsterdam is a version 1.8, which is the version that has actual no Depth camera but on short distance can reconstruct depth from the cameras in its left and right eye.

Aldebaran provides software for developers to program the Pepper robot. The most accessable way is to program the Pepper robots is via Choregraphe.

Choregraphe runs on your laptop and allows to combine several programming blocks with visual programming. For instance, in the tutorials is shown how you can program a Pepper robot.

The version of Choregraphe on your laptop should match the version of NaoQi running on your robot:

Pepper v1.8Naoqi 2.5Choregraphe 2.5

Note that the Universal License key provided for Choregraphe on Aldebaran software page (654e-4564-153c-6518-2f44-7562-206e-4c60-5f47-5f45) works for all Choregraphe 2.* versions.

To further learn to program the Pepper robot, you could continue with the online python tutorials.


See this document.