Year: 2020

  • The AI Driving Olympics

    One of the students working at the Meaningful Control of Autonomous Systems project is participating in the AI Driving Olympics, which is a competition with the objective of evaluating the state of the art for ML/AI for embodied intelligence. The 5th edition is held in conjunction with NeurIPS 2020. For this challenge we apply the end-to-end…

  • Start of construction of new robotics lab

    Our robot Pepper has been participating in the start-of-construction event of the new Lab42 building, after a long summer of rehearsal. An short impression of the event can be found at this page. The live-stream can still be watched here.

  • Willie Wartaal in the lab

    There can also music be found at our university. To work on their contribution for the AI song festival, the rapper Willie Wartaal visited the Intelligent Robotics Lab. You can read about the creative process (and listen to the song) on the page of team Can AI Kick It.

  • New Segway robot Loomo in the lab

    The collection of robots in the Intelligent Robotics Lab is extended with a Segway Loomo, which we will use to build a new version of the Nvidia Carter robot.