Year: 2023

  • ROS 2 interface for the UMI-RTX arm

    The UMI-RTX robot arm, which was originally designed in 1985 [1], is still up-and-running in the Intelligent Robotics Lab. For their internship from the École Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées Bretagne, Théo Massa and Guillaume Garde build a ROS2 interface which allows to control the robot, visualize its state and make use of a ZED-m depth-camera…

  • RoboCup 2024 in The Netherlands

    On July 17-21, 2024 the RoboCup will visit the Netherlands. The Symposium will be on Monday July 22.

  • The Dutch Nao Team at the RoboCup 2023

    The Dutch Nao Team participated in the World Championship of the RoboCup Standard Platform League with a team of 18 students. They participated in the Challenge Shield competition, scoring 27 goals (and receiving 15 against), which brought them to the semi-finals. In addition, they also participated in two technical challenges: the Data Minimalization and Visual…

  • Using Neural Factorization of Shape and Reflectance for Ball Detection

    At the RoboCup Symposium 2023 in Bordeaux, the Dutch Nao Team will present a poster on how synthetic data can improve the precision of the ball detection under difficult lighting conditions. Details on the study can be found in the conference paper, Xavier Monté’s thesis and Rogier’s project report.

  • Dutch Nao Team at the German Open RE

    Also in 2023 the German RoboCup SPL teams came together on a long weekend called GORE (German Open Replacement Event) in Hamburg. Also Dutch and Swiss teams were present, which made it possible to have many round-robin games and a full quarter-final elimination scheme (see the timetable). The Dutch Nao Team was able to win two round-robin games,…

  • Taking a robot to Mars

    The interview on what actually happens in Intelligent Robotics Lab, at the entrance of LAB42, is now online. The interview can be found at the LAB42 website.

  • Nao 3D-model in Unity

    The Intelligent Robotics Lab is modelled in Unity, which allows to experiment with different lighting conditions and viewpoints. Today our oldest Nao robot Rouge (2010) was equiped with markers and scanned in full 3D. This makes it possible to place such robot anywhere on the ray-traced field.

  • Dutch Nao Team qualification RoboCup 2023

    The Dutch Nao Team has published their qualification video for the RoboCup that will take place July 2023 in Bordeaux. In this video they show some of the latest developments which were described in their latest Qualification Report.